Item Care

Macrame wristlets close-up photo of showing knotting pattern and texture



General Care

Handcrafted items require a gentle touch. Treat your unique item with love by always treating stains as they happen and handwashing when necessary. Once you have hand washed your item with soapy water lay it out to air dry. Never place your item in the washer or drier! It's good practice to take a lint roller to plant hangers and wall hangings to keep dust from accumulating. 

Fringed Items

If you own an item with fringe, such as a pair of round coasters, tassel charms, or a wall hanging with fridge, gently brush out any tangles that result from use or shipping with a comb. 

Plant Hangers

Take great caution in hanging plant hangers high enough away from children's reach and away from pets. It's best to remove your plant from the hanger when watering. This will ensure that your hanger remains clean and will also allow you to provide proper plant care. Watering your plant while in the hanger will create stains from the dirt and will also cause discoloration of the cord, giving it a dirty appearance. 

Wall hangings

When unboxing your wall hanging for the first time, lay the cords straight by running your fingers down the cords once hung. If your hanging includes fringe, be sure to take a comb to these to give them a clean appearance. You may need to do small, final  trims of straggler strands off of fringe.